This is the starting point for my philosophical content. Here I list in no particular order the points I consider important that you to keep in mind while reading my posts:

  • I do not hold strong opinions. When I state my thoughts about X, it’s merely what the current version of me, in the best of its efforts and intentions, trying to avoid all the pitfalls of cognitive biases, thinks about X. It is not, by any means, a direct representation of what is true. It’s completely personal and subject to change. That’s mainly because of my lack of complete knowledge about the matter, not even mentioning the impossibility of attaining such knowledge in first place. Therefore, my opinion is probably only valid for me and for the present moment, and I don’t despise different opinions or believe that I will never think or act differently.

  • I am not a philosopher. While I am interested in philosophy and read it regularly, I do not see myself as someone qualified to teach or publish a book. My posts are just my personal thoughts on the topics I am interested in. I highly doubt I’ll make any groundbreaking discoveries about life or existence, but I am sure you’ll find some interesting and thought-provoking ideas here.

  • I am not a native English speaker. Expect some mistakes and do not let them distract you from the actual argument.

  • I believe that my views are less incorrect than those held by most people. I can’t help but cling to this bias, though I’m well aware that it holds no significance - for me, for you, and for the universe.

  • I am open to criticism. If you disagree with something I said and thinks I should be aware of that, please leave a comment in the post or contact me directly. Of course, you can also ask questions or leave suggestions for future posts.

  • I enjoy occasional sarcasm. I’m not sure how much of it you’ll find in my posts, but keep in mind to not take everything I say too seriously.

  • Remember this one thing: Live happily!